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Rope System Manure Scraper
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Rope System Manure Scraper automatic system includes:


- Scraping units (one or two),


- Two motors with winches,


- Base towers for the motors,


- Rope,


- Wheels for leading the rope


- Wise controller with proximity sensors.


The scraper is pulled by nylon rope, which is wound on a winch.
The winch is turned by a motor. The motor is commanded by an electronic, programmable controller.
Etgar Technology’s Rope System Manure Scraper has a unique electronic control system, which commands the scraper with the highest level of safety for the cows. If the system stops not according to program, a warning lamp will start to blink and a written message about the nature of the problem will appear on the screen of the controller.
The controller is easy to program, and therefore easily adapted to the specific conditions in every cow shed.

Rope System Manure Scraper can be installed in:

open corridors, or in channels: in a single corridor up to 180m long, or in 2 parallel corridors, each up to 90m long.


Advantages of rope system manure scraper

  • If the rope tears, it is easy to tie or to replace it.
  • The scraper is low, quiet and moves slowly, so id does not bother the animals.
  • The system uses little energy.
  • The system can be installed also in old or sloped corridors.
  • The system can be adapted to every cow shed.
  • The system is easy to install and to maintain
  • Slats Scraper – For use on slat floors. The blades are made of hard rubber.
    Scraping action in both directions. Cleans the floor and the edges
  • Channel Scraper – Especially designed for use in channels and under slats in pig, poultry and cattle buildings


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